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Our Fees

Legal fees vary case by case, which is why in many circumstances it is impossible to provide an accurate quote for retainers without an initial consultation first. In family law, cost depends on the services for which you are looking - a cooperative separation agreement will be a very different process than beginning a court application and choosing the litigation route. Litigation in and of itself is unpredictable and may become costly depending on the level of cooperation between both parties. This is why we keep the best interests of our clients at heart and aim to settle matters whenever possible.


For real estate matters, a direct quote may be complicated to provide without a more detailed discussion. In real estate, many fees come from disbursements. These costs may vary depending on the type of property you purchase, your mortgage lender, land title and tax searches, and many more. If you are purchasing or selling a property, we encourage you to contact us so we may chat about your real estate matter and breakdown costs for you.


Initial Consultation

When you have a family matter, meeting with a lawyer to outline your rights and available options can give you the confidence you need to make an informed decision. We offer an initial family law consultation for you to meet with Jolanta Bula and tell her your story. She will then outline your legal options, and if you are interested in retaining her services further, she will outline retainer costs. This is a flat fee, so whether you meet for 30 mins, 45 mins, or 90 mins, you take however long you need to feel confident in your options.

Flat Rate: $300 (+HST) payable prior to consultation.

Legal Advice

If you require legal advice on a particular issue such as reviewing a separation agreement, marriage contract, or help with specific documents, we offer appointments with Jolanta Bula at her hourly rate.

Hourly Rate: $350 (+HST)

Wills and Powers of Attorney

For a simple will we charge $400 (plus HST)


For Powers of Attorney (one for personal care and one for property) we charge $100 (plus HST).


If you are looking to create a Will and Powers of Attorney at the same time, we offer a package for $500 (plus HST) which includes 1 Will, and 2 Powers of Attorney (one for personal care and one for property).


Are you and your spouse looking to leave everything to each other in your respective wills?
We call this mirror wills. We offer a package which includes two Wills and a Power of Attorney (one for personal care and one for property) for each spouse for $900 (plus HST).

Contact us to schedule your appointment.

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